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Grace Hands Care Limited is committed to deliver planned care and support to its clients

We provide flexible domiciliary care and support to people with different care needs, exercising high levels of respect ,compassion towards them. We highly esteem our clients by treating them with dignity and recognising that they are the key decision makers about the quality of the care service provided. We encourage our service users to to maintain relationships with families ,friends former colleagues ,neighbours and be in touch with community activities. Grace Hands Care Limited acts on the best interest of our services users ,maintaining respect and giving good advice to meet their needs and also supporting their rights. We provide home-care support ,complex needs for people with mental health ,dementia, learning and physical disabilities. 

Domiciliary Care

Grace Hands Care Limited provides domiciliary care to people who want to continue stay in the homes but due to circumstances like health ageing can no longer afford to do complete some of their daily routines.We provide care and support whilst our clients stay in their familiar surroundings.

Personal care is provided by our well trained staff on hourly visits per day per arrangement. We support with daily medication. Mobilising in ad around their place of residence. Personal clinical care which includes meal preparation and feeding.

Companionship Services:
We assist with hobbies and craft.
Support with leisure services.
We assist when visiting neighbours and friends.
We support with travelling arrangements.
We support in making appointments.

LIve In Care

Grace Hands Care Limited is a dedicated care provider ,we give 24 hours a day throughout the year support .Our trained and professional staff are hands on 24/7 supporting those that prefer to
live at home .This is preferred service by those who want a one on one personal care at their
homes which is ideal way of maintaining quality of life dignity and independence.Live in Care has
an advantage in that our clients receive personal care and round the clock .
These are some the advantages of the Live in Care.
-There is always someone with the client every time
-Quick responses in case of emergencies.
-laundry and cleaning is done on a daily basis.
-making beds and ironing and changing linens.
-Shopping ,hospital appointments and attending community actives is assisted by our trained
-Collecting prescriptions from pharmacies or chemists

Night Care

Waking night

Grace Hands Care Limited are committed to provide care and support for client who have difficulties in sleeping.Waking night service is provided by our company with a carer staying awake and monitoring and assisting the service user.
Night care gives the client and families a peace of mind knowing there is someone who is assisting ,especially those with physical difficulties and dementia.
We support in these area
-Getting up ,washing and dressing up.
-Getting ready for bed.
-Helping with cooking and eating.
-Providing medical prompts.

Sleep Over
Grace Hands Care Limited provides care and support to those require night assistance occasionally.The carer is provided with a room and bed to sleep in ,though alerting to any requests by the clients during the night

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